A New Partnership

 With our new team from Eyes on Africa. L-R: Andy, Lee Clement, Marc, James Weis, Nicky Glover, Pam Langhoff, Vanessa Hensley, and intern Logan Weis :)

With our new team from Eyes on Africa. L-R: Andy, Lee Clement, Marc, James Weis, Nicky Glover, Pam Langhoff, Vanessa Hensley, and intern Logan Weis :)

It’s a great big world, and to help us continue to offer a greater variety and number of quality photographic workshop experiences for you, we’re partnering with more professional photographers and a full-service travel business, Eyes on Africa. We have new offerings from new pros - Yellowstone, Alaska, Arizona and The Palouse, Washington. And we are beyond thrilled, to add Joe Brady, Juan Pons, and Randy Hanna to our team of Muench Workshops Pros! These pros have many, many years of teaching and workshop experience behind them - and we're amazingly lucky to have them on our team (and so are you!).

Andy, Marc and Dave will continue doing what we do best, planning amazing photographic workshop adventures at the coolest places on the planet. And now we will have some help from a bigger team, help which will enable us as we grow, to continue to deliver the same level of service, quality and professional guidance that we've been doing since 2007 when we first started Muench Workshops.

Our aim is to have the very best group of photographic guides on the planet. Our pros will deliver local expertise, and individualized instruction. The team at EOA will help with all the logistics, like travel arrangements, answering any and all questions about travel, payments visas, packing, extensions, hotels, cars, you name it. Of course you can still talk to us anytime, but your initial contact on future workshops with us will likely be from our new team!

Muench Workshops is always reachable at +1 917 854 8118 and info@muenchworkshops.com.

Anticipating your questions:

  • Did you sell out? Nope. Marc, Andy and Dave continue to be the owners of Muench Workshops, LLC. We have partnered with EOA to help us grow our business without sacrificing any of the quality and service that we know our customers appreciate (and demand).
  • Will your workshops change? No. We (and our new pros) will lead workshops to the coolest places on the planet. We'll still stand by and obey our mantras: small groups, loads of instruction, coolest places on the planet, sticking with you after the workshop, too!
  • What about payments and money? We'll be using our same online forms, but the credit card payments will show up to you as being from "Eyes on Africa" (soon to be Eyes on Adventure). If you're paying by check, we may ask you to change the payee to EOA.
  • When will you be leading a workshop to _________? We love those questions :)  Please drop us a note and let us know where you want to go!

We are so very excited about all of this. We are busy planning a few more offerings for 2015, and very shortly we will have 2016 planned out. To all of our guests that have been with us on workshops since 2007, we thank you for your continued support, evidenced by so many of you returning with us on workshop after workshop! To everyone else reading this, what are you waiting for? We hope to see you with us soon so we can demonstrate what you've been missing :)

All the best,

Andy, Marc & Dave
Muench Workshops