Photo by Jay Kleiman

Abigail Church

Abigail grew up on four continents, and is simply fascinated by all things natural. Her education was mostly in the UK where from the age of 10 she lived on a small sheep farm in Wiltshire. She gained her BSc in Geology at University College London and then continued her studies with a Ph.D. at the Natural History Museum in London. Her definitive work was carried out on the active volcano Oldoinyo Lengai and the origin of it’s extraordinary lavas but her research took her to Italy, Greenland and Uganda.  

After having children, she decided that working on active volcanos could wait a few years and developed an interest in East African gemstones. She has raised her children in Kenya and loves the African bush. But it's not all about rocks—she has a passion for birds and wild flowers as well. Abigail now lives and works with her partner, James Robertson, chairman of Ker & Downey Safaris, and creates and runs luxury safaris. She has been working with Muench Workshops since 2010, creating and planning unique photographic safaris with Marc, Andy and Dave. She continues to teach geology in Kenya to safari guides and interested amateurs and leads special interest geological safaris.